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Bill Heynen has left us a lasting legacy as a Master Wood Sculptor. Sadly, Bill passed away in 2021. Engaging the viewer in the dynamic flow of the sculpture, encouraging continual interaction between the audience and the carving was his ultimate goal. Following his BA and MA in Industrial Arts Education, he dedicated his life to creating works of art in the round and relief. His works are in collections throughout the United States and Worldwide. Public works include “Are We Not All Men And All Brothers” at California State University, Los Angeles.

This website, along with his published book, “Dynamic Creations: Wood Sculptures by Bill Heynen”, reflects a visual collection of some of his life’s work exploring this artistic medium. Please click on the LEGACY section to learn more about his life, view photos of Bill with family, friends, and patrons of his sculptures; and read tributes about Bill and his art creations.

NEW VIDEOS ADDED: We've added new videos for several pieces in the Gallery. If a video is available for a piece, you can click on the little Camera icon by its title. Or click this button to see them all now!

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The Book

A new book, Dynamic Creations, was commissioned to showcase Bill's work. It is over 200 pages of true coffee table quality and is a work of art in itself.

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The Process

Bill has documented the creation of his works from logs of wood to the finished product. Included here are some examples of the process along with works in progress.

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